2013 KKS Points System Rules

Six designated races will be scheduled for the Kansas Karting Series (KKS). Three races will be held at Worden Park, and three races will be held at Wakeeney Mini Speedway. Two throw-outs will be allowed during the year (lowest two finishes). Points will be awarded at KKS races according to the following schedule:

1200 + # of Entries8100 + # of Entries1555 + # of Entries
2175 + # of Entries990 + # of Entries1650 + # of Entries
3155 + # of Entries1080 + # of Entries1745 + # of Entries
4140 + # of Entries1175 + # of Entries1840 + # of Entries
5130 + # of Entries1270 + # of Entries1935 + # of Entries
6120 + # of Entries1365 + # of Entries2030 + # of Entries
7110 + # of Entries1460 + # of Entries21 25 + # of Entries

A competitor’s four (4) best points finishes will determine their total points for the series (2 throw-outs).

For points computations (does not apply to banquet qualifications), the two throw-outs may be used for the racer’s two worst finishes in the series, regardless of event location. If a racer is able to take a green flag in any heat race, that racer is at least guaranteed last place points for the event.

Wheatland Karting Assoc. will do everything in its power to run KKS races on the scheduled date, but in the case of an KKS event rain out:

  1. If the race is canceled by 8:00 PM on Friday the race will be rescheduled at a later date. If the participant entered for the race is unable to attend the rescheduled race, they will receive zero (0) points for that race. That race will qualify for banquet eligibility and may be used for a throw out subject to conditions described above.
  2. If the race is canceled on race day, between the time event registration is opened and before the heats are completed, every racer that has paid for an entry fee and at least one (1) pit pass will receive 1st place points for that event. The racer must be present and able to race to be eligible. You must be registered for the event to receive 1st place points in this scenario.
  3. If the race is canceled after all heat races are completed, any feature races not yet completed will be scored as determined by their respective qualifying order.

If a competitor is disqualified at an KKS event they will receive zero (0) points for that event. In addition, that race may not be used as a throw out.

If a competitor in a non-points paying class (Rookies, JR Amateurs, Economy, or Champ classes) is disqualified, they will serve a one-race suspension at the following KKS event.

In the event of a tie in the year-ending point total, the tie will be broken by advancing the driver possessing the most KKS feature wins. If there are no wins, the tie will be broken by the most seconds, the most thirds, etc… If there is still a tie, it will be broken by the highest finishing position in the latest KKS feature race in which either or both of the competitors participated.

Points will not be recorded and finishing positions will not be declared for Rookie, Amateur, or Champ Classes.

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