Economy Class

RULES -- Adult Economy

  1. Harbor Freight 6.5 motor is the only motor allowed in the class. Engine must be Harbor Freight #94187 or #96549, and for 2013 the Predator engine #69730 or #69727
  2. No modification of any kind allowed. Must run stock muffler and air filter.
  3. Governor and oil level sensor may be removed and are the only modifications allowed.
  4. Stock fuel tank must be removed and replaced by a “top plate”. Aftermarket fuel tank (approval subject to discretion of pre-tech personnel) is to be bolted to kart floor panel in front of driver’s seat.
  5. Aftermarket fuel pump (attached to top plate), pulse fittings, and fuel lines allowed and required to satisfy rule #4 above. Routing of fuel lines subject to approval of pre-tech personnel.
  6. Recommend a muffler brace to be installed to help prevent muffler breakage. No modification to muffler allowed, muffler may be wrapped with header wrap.
  7. Engine must be inspected and sealed by Wheatland Karting Association Board before allowed to run. There will be a $25.00 seal fee on motors.
  8. Motor must be new and un-started to be sealed. (new in box)
  9. Motor will have side cover, head and carburetor and valve cover sealed to motor (valve lash will be checked before sealed, and the governor removed.)
  10. No blue printing of any kind allowed.
  11. No rebuilding of engines allowed.
  12. No Honda parts allowed. (Valve springs, rocker arms, carburetors, ect..)
  13. No aftermarket parts of any kind allowed.
  14. If you are caught modifying this engine other than what the rules allow you will be removed from the class.
  15. Throttle linkage may be altered for use on a kart.
  16. Karts and engines will be subject to tech.
  17. Class age will be 15 and up.
  18. Any drum or shoe clutch allowed. No disk clutches allowed. Only #35 chain allowed.
  19. Tach/temp gauges allowed.
  20. Any non-treaded tire allowed, but at the discretion of the Wheatland Karting Association Board, a racer’s right-rear tire and rim may be claimed by the Board for a sum of $40.
          a) This rule will not be enforced until the 3rd WKA event (KKS or Club) of the 2013 season.
          b) If a racer refuses claim of their RR tire and rim, first-time refusal will result in disqualification (zero points, cannot be used for throw-out) for the event.
          c) Second-time or subsequent refusals of RR tire and rim claims will result in disqualification (zero points, cannot be used for throw-out) for the event, plus the racer must serve a one-race suspension. The suspension must be served in the next race of the series in which the offense occurred. For example, if the offense occurred in an KKS race, the one-race suspension must be served at the next KKS race. If the offense occurred in a club race, the one-race suspension must be served at the next club race.
  21. Economy Class minimum required weight will be 350 lbs (kart and driver) as raced.
  22. Economy Super Heavy Class minimum required weight will be 410 lbs (kart and driver) as raced, with the additional requirement of driver minimum weight of 200 lbs. The Scale Operator will have the right to weigh driver alone to verify this requirement.
  23. Any will be allowed to run economy with the exception that if you are entered in either economy class you will not be allowed to race any other classes that night.
  24. A racer may not race both the Economy and Economy Super Heavy classes during the same event. You may race one or the other only.
  25. Entry fee will be $15.00 for both classes. No place points will be awarded. KKS awards wil be identical for all qualifying participants.
  26. Wheatland Karting Association Board may restrict entrants because of past experience and ability.
  27. Fuel will be gas only.
  28. This is an entry level/economy class and the driving will be regulated accordingly.

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