RULES -- JC Toddler Races

Got a little one with the itch to go racing? Wheatland Karting offers the JC Toddler races to satisfy even the littlest of competitors! Bring out your hottest battery-powered ride for a drag race down the front straight at Worden Park Speedway. JC Toddler races are offered during both Club and KKS events. Entry fee is $5.00 per driver and each participating driver will receive a nightly award, as well as be eligible for a season-ending PARTY with their fellow drivers following the last JC Toddler event of the season.

Please see rules and schedule below (pending). If you have questions regarding JC Toddler races, please call Carla Lamb (316-744-1687).

JC's Toddlers

Age 2-5
Vehicle Battery powered similar to Power Wheels
(Example: Barbie Jeep, John Deere Gator)
Commonly found at Wal-Mart, etc.
BatteryStock battery only, may not exceed stock voltage
ModificationsNone Allowed, must be stock motor and tires (no rubber bands on tires)
Safety EquipmentDriver must at least wear a bicycle helmet
Entry Fee$5.00 per driver

Maxxis Goldspeed USA